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Create an Affordable and Seamless Path to 4G

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Fully integrated across access, aggregation and core networks, the Mobile Backhaul Solution from BTI Systems is an end-to-end offering designed to help providers keep pace with customer demand for mobile services. It’s the only solution on the market that supports widespread 3G and 4G deployments in metro and regional networks by providing an end-end, unified packet approach for voice, data and multimedia services with comprehensive network management.

An All-Packet Approach to Mobile Backhaul

BTI’s Mobile Backhaul Solution delivers an affordable and elegant path to 4G, enabling a smooth, quick and cost-effective migration path from 2G TDM networks to 4G and beyond while also supporting native all-4G builds. It lays a stable and secure foundation for next-generation mobile broadband deployments and supports higher bandwidth rates at an attractive cost, while allowing service providers to build a highly available packet infrastructure with consistent, QoS-enabled services and an access-agnostic architecture.

Complemented by BTI’s Ethernet Business Services Solution, the Mobile Backhaul Solution is an excellent foundation for a packet-based, high-speed broadband network providing for an efficient and cost-effective evolution to 4G.

Moblie Backhaul Architecture Diagram

Mobile Backhaul Architecture (Click image to enlarge)

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The BTI Mobile Backhaul Solution leverages the strengths of BTI’s metro packet optical networking, and management and control software to offer a variety of technologies, services and products. The primary solution components include:

  • The BTI proNX Management and Control Software is a highly scalable centralized software platform, that discovers, abstracts and normalizes multi-vendor, multi-layer complexity from the network and makes this information available for applications and system integrations through open APIs.
  • The BTI proNX SLA Portal is a powerful and intuitive web-based solution enabling effective SLA management. Providing tracking, reporting, and real-time access to SLA data, BTI proNX SLA Portal is a best of breed solution built from an operator's perspective that provides the tools necessary to monitor and assure SLAs and to proactively optimize resources as network demands evolve.
  • The BTI 7000 Series addresses the increasing demand for packet-based services, greater optical capacity, dynamic networking and management simplicity and it provides an optimal foundation for combining WDM and Carrier Ethernet service delivery. The flagship platform of BTI's Metro Networking Solution, the BTI 7000 Series provides a wide variety of client service modules for C/WDM, network adaptation, reach extension, Ethernet switching and more.
  • The BTI 800 Series is a compact, multiservice, carrier-grade platform designed to deliver both Ethernet and TDM-based connectivity in support of enterprise business and wireless provider mobile backhaul service applications. Its small form factor, low power and temperature resilient architecture is ready to be installed at wireless towers or customer premises to solve space and power challenges, deliver high performance scalable services and reduce operational costs.

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BTI's innovative and cost-effective Mobile Backhaul Solution allows service providers to fully leverage their infrastructures to capitalize on the mobile broadband explosion.

All-packet, Carrier Ethernet solution

Provides the scalability, security and service prioritization to mirror "private line" connectivity within a shared packet access, aggregation and core network.

High availability access, aggregation and core

Delivers resilient fiber ring protection with G.8032 ERPS plus support for duplicate tower, ring interconnect and MSC feeds with cross-module LAG for complete equipment redundancy and high availability.

Extensible, modular architecture

Enables cost-effective, pay-as-you-grow service rollout; efficiently expands to meet evolving business demands.

High performance, ultra-low latency with zero jitter

Ensures high QoE for delay-sensitive applications.

Simple, rapid service provisioning

Point-and-click network and service management tools streamline provisioning across access, aggregation and core.

SLA performance monitoring

Enables backhaul operators to meet mobile providers' stringent SLA requirements; enables mobile operators to meet subscriber QoE expectations.

Hardware-based Flow Processing Engine

Eliminates the need for stacks of NIDs typically found at network head-ends; reduces cost, complexity and equipment sprawl.

Full support for T1/E1 connectivity

Enables a graceful migration to an all-packet based metro or regional backhaul network using circuit emulation on-ramps

Clock synchronization transparency

Ensures synchronized delivery of interactive voice and video over Ethernet.

Standards-based solution

Enables seamless interoperability; prevents vendor lock-in.

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