Ethernet Business Services

Enable Service-Intelligent, Scalable and High-Performance WANs

The Customer's Perspective - South Slope Cooperative Communications

The Customer’s Perspective – CTS Telecom

The Ethernet Business Services Solution from BTI enables Ethernet-based services that deliver the high performance and scalability, and fine service granularity today’s enterprises demand. The solution lays a stable and secure foundation for next-generation carrier services, supports higher bandwidth rates, and allows service providers to incrementally construct a highly-available packet-optical infrastructure with consistent, QoS-enabled, tiered services.

BTI’s Ethernet Business Services Solution addresses diverse applications, topologies and end-customer requirements. Leveraging Carrier Ethernet technology for standardized network interfaces, service definitions and the clarity of service levels, BTI's Ethernet Business Services Solution is MEF 1.0 and 2.0 certified (MEF 9/14 compliant) for the delivery of a complete standards-based service set, including:

  • Ethernet private line service
  • Ethernet virtual private line service
  • Ethernet LAN services

The solution supports the necessary security features, prioritization capabilities and protection schemes to allow various traffic types - as well as traffic from multiple customers - to transit the same packet connection. Featuring rich QoS capabilities, low latency, and end-to-end performance monitoring, the BTI Ethernet Business Services Solution delivers service providers the highest level of availability and visibility across both the packet and optical layers.


Ethernet Business Service Architecture

Ethernet Business Service Architecture (Click image to enlarge)


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The fully-integrated, end-to-end solution includes the BTI 7000 Series service edge and aggregation platform, the BTI 700 Series Ethernet access platform, the BTI Service Access 810 platform, and the BTI proNX Management and Control Software.

  • The BTI proNX Management and Control Software is a highly scalable centralized software platform, that discovers, abstracts and normalizes multi-vendor, multi-layer complexity from the network and makes this information available for applications and system integrations through open APIs.
  • The BTI proNX SLA Portal is a powerful and intuitive web-based solution enabling effective SLA management. Providing tracking, reporting, and real-time access to SLA data, BTI proNX SLA Portal is a best of breed solution built from an operator's perspective that provides the tools necessary to monitor and assure SLAs and to proactively optimize resources as network demands evolve.
  • The BTI 7000 Series addresses the increasing demand for packet-based services, greater optical capacity, dynamic networking and management simplicity and it provides an optimal foundation for combining WDM and Carrier Ethernet service delivery. The flagship platform of BTI's Metro Networking Solution, the BTI 7000 Series provides a wide variety of client service modules for C/WDM, network adaptation, reach extension, Ethernet switching and more.
  • The BTI 800 Series is a compact, multiservice, carrier-grade platform designed to deliver both Ethernet and TDM-based connectivity in support of enterprise business and wireless provider mobile backhaul service applications. Its small form factor, low power and temperature resilient architecture is ready to be installed at wireless towers or customer premises to solve space and power challenges, deliver high performance scalable services and reduce operational costs.
  • The BTI 700 Series provide intelligent demarcation, extension and aggregation of Ethernet and IP-based voice, video and data services. With multiple small form-factor configurations for cost-effective and rapid service delivery, the BTI 700 Series delivers Ethernet connectivity through the access network directly to customer premises, allowing providers to extend Ethernet services to business customers, cell towers, outside plant deployments and multitenant campuses.

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End-to-end solution with turn-key capabilities

Cohesive product portfolio delivers a fully-integrated solution that spans access, aggregation, and metro core networks with unified reporting and management.

Scalability with service differentiation

802.1Q VLAN tagging and 802.1ad Provider Bridging enables support for thousands of customers in a metro, with clear boundaries between customer traffic and the provider to ensure security, and extensive QoS and bandwidth management capabilities to enable differentiated services.

Standards-based MEF-certified services

MEF 1.0 and 2.0 (MEF 9- and MEF 14) compliant solutions enable a variety of standards-based services including E-Line and E-LAN, business VPNs, dedicated Internet access, cloud access, and LAN extension services.

Carrier-class availability

ITU G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching, LAG, and additional link and network element redundancy mechanisms deliver sub-50 msec resiliency, ensuring high service availability across access, aggregation and metro core networks.

Guaranteed service assurance

Comprehensive service management solutions enable operators to meet or exceed strict SLAs; IEEE 802.1ag and IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the first mile enable connectivity and fault management; fully-compliant Y.1731 OAM functions provide end-to-end service visibility and SLA monitoring.


Converged packet-optical platforms reduce sprawl and complexity; embedded processing of Y.1731 messages eliminates head-end NIDs.

Cost-effective evolution

Flexible, modular architecture enables pay-as-you-grow expansion; multiservice capabilities allow graceful migration to an all-packet metro or regional network, with full support for T1/E1 connectivity for legacy services.

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