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Content and traditional service providers, colocation providers, and managed hosting providers across the globe are building out new facilities to keep pace with growing business demands. Data center expansion, adoption of cloud computing and on-demand services, proliferation of video, social media, and other bandwidth-intensive applications are contributing to the dramatic rise in inter-data center traffic. This is creating significant capacity planning and network engineering challenges for data center operators. Data center operators must cost-efficiently upgrade network infrastructure to expand bandwidth between data centers, as well as to POPs and peering points, to support skyrocketing traffic growth, accommodate workload mobility and virtualization, and provide application assurance.

Business Benefits

  • Accelerates capacity expansion
  • Gains network control
  • Minimizes upfront investments
  • Contains power, cooling, and space costs
  • Reduces operations and support burdens
  • Delivers rapid ROI and low TCO results


Data Centers, Peering and POP Locations

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With BTI's Data Center Interconnect Solution, content providers can ensure their customers receive 24x7 availability, high-performance and low-latency service offerings. The primary solution components include:

  • The BTI proNX Management and Control Software is a highly scalable centralized software platform, that discovers, abstracts and normalizes multi-vendor, multi-layer complexity from the network and makes this information available for applications and system integrations through open APIs.
  • The BTI 7800 Series provides a seamless upgrade path from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps wavelength capacities with industry-leading scale, density and performance. Leveraging BTI's 100G Coherent solution, combined with the BTI Dynamic Optical Layer and BTI proNX Management and Control Software, service providers can increase network capacity, gain 10X spectral efficiency, reduce space, power and cooling cost to simplify and accelerate deployment of higher margin services.
  • The BTI 7000 Series addresses the increasing demand for packet-based services, greater optical capacity, dynamic networking and management simplicity and it provides an optimal foundation for combining WDM and Carrier Ethernet service delivery. The flagship platform of BTI's Metro Networking Solution, the BTI 7000 Series provides a wide variety of client service modules for C/WDM, network adaptation, reach extension, Ethernet switching and more.

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Simplified Operations, Management and Provisioning

Single integrated element, network and service capacity management platform that simplifies operations, accelerates capacity provisioning and lowers operational cost.

Market Leading Density

Provides market leading 10Gbps and 100Gbps density, taking up less rack space and drawing lower power than comparable solutions. Leveraging a compact highly scalable platform also reduces infrastructure costs and provides significant operational cost savings.

Increased Scale, Capacity and Performance

Leverages 10G SFP+ and 100G Coherent optics, providing a migration path to increased scale, density and performance while reducing footprint and power constraints.

Scaling Simplicity and Flexibility

Offers multiple integrated chassis options and multi-shelf configuration options with seamless scalability from 1Gbps to 10.1 Tbps of wavelength capacity to meet changing performance demands.

Ultra-Low Latency

Built on five principles to ensure optimized network connectivity:

  • Engineered Approach: The solution and client service modules have optimized architectures, eliminating superfluous components and ensuring rapid transmission to the WAN
  • Simplified Transmission: Leveraging Layer 1 for high bandwidth, dedicated channels, limited payload processing and connection security, BTI’s transponder-based solutions provide time-efficient wavelength translation and signal regeneration for rapid delivery
  • Efficient Signal Processing: Transmitting native client protocols directly on a wavelength eliminates latency associated with SONET/SDH or G.709 OTN encapsulation and other signal processing and monitoring features that 
add latency
  • Optimized Reach: The solution leverages “near-0” latency technologies for reach extension, including Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) and Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) dispersion compensation
  • High Capacity: WDM “virtual fiber” provides network scalability and up to 10Gbps-per-channel bandwidth to ensure sufficient bandwidth for mission-critical network connections

Interoperable with SAN Infrastructure

Interoperable with SAN infrastructures at 1Gbps, 2Gbps, 4Gbps and 10Gbps Fibre Channel rates and provides multiprotocol and transparent WDM connectivity that support key data center SAN and NAS protocols.

Integrated Packet and Optical

Unifies the optical and packet layers into one platform. Integrating Carrier Ethernet technologies with a touchless optical layer and service-centric management simplifies service delivery and provides high operational value.

Deployed, Proven and Certified

Extensive field deployments in the enterprise and service provider markets for data center connectivity, including within the mission-critical banking, insurance, gaming, cloud computing and manufacturing verticals as well as the utility industry.

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