BTI ServiceLink Support Services

Our Equipment is Only Part of the Solution

BTI ServiceLink is a comprehensive portfolio of pre- and post-network deployment services designed to ensure efficient deployment and assist you with uninterrupted operation of your network. ServiceLink provides a set of services that are available for the duration of BTI’s standard product warranty and enhanced services that ensure your network is optimized to work efficiently, has the latest features and capabilities available, and provides direct access to network support engineers (remote or on-site) for upgrades or issue resolution.


BTI offers the services of our network planning professionals, ensuring that your network is designed efficiently and cost-effectively.


Our installation engineers work with your staff to perform a multitude of installation and commissioning tasks to get your network working quickly and efficiently.


BTI offers 24/7/365 technical assistance as well as rapid response on-site troubleshooting so that your network continuously operates at an optimal level.


We are there with you every step of the way as you enhance your existing infrastructure with our latest releases and modules. We provide continuous upgrade support to ensure compatibility with previous releases.


As your networks evolve to provide services to your clients, BTI acts as your partner in technology evolution. We help you ensure network evolution plans are designed and executed in a way that maximizes your investment.


BTI ServiceLink Summary

The BTI ServiceLink portfolio offers customizable suites of services including Operational Network Services, Network Deployment Services, Network Engineering Services and Training Services.

Operational Network Services   

BTI will support you during network modifications, inform on product updates and changes, and rapidly respond to network-related questions.

Network Deployment Services   

BTI will assist and simplify deployments and provide you with the essential knowledge to expertly operate your network with round-the-clock and on-site support from fiber characterization through commissioning.

Network Engineering Services   

BTI will evaluate your technical, business, and customer requirements and provide customized and strategic recommendations for your network, including network audits, health checks and more.

Training Services   

BTI offers technical training to clients and partners using a hands-on approach that rapidly educates and provides complete understanding of the products deployed in your network.

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