BTI proNX Management and Control Software

Accelerate, Optimize, Innovate

“BTI has incorporated SDN (Software-Defined Networking)  network virtualization concepts in its proNX Service Manager to provide a service-centric approach to network management.”

- David Krozier, Ovum

Increase Programmability, Automation & Control

The BTI proNX Management and Control Software is a highly scalable centralized software platform, that discovers, abstracts and normalizes multi-vendor, multi-layer complexity from the network and makes this information available for applications and system integrations through open APIs. With end-to-end service management, comprehensive SLA assurance and open interfaces for applications control, service providers can increase programmability, automation and network control. This allows them to improve infrastructure efficiency, increase the rate of delivery of profitable high value services and enables more highly scalable, flexible network solutions that readily adapt to changing business needs.

BTI's SDN-enabled portfolio combines management and control software with end-to-end packet optical and intelligent cloud connect networking systems allowing service providers to accelerate Mobile Backhaul and Ethernet Business Service delivery, optimize Cloud Networking, Metro Networking and Data Center Interconnect solutions and enable new service innovation .



BTI’s element, network and service management and control suite is comprised of the following:

  • The BTI proNX Management and Control Software delivers secure and flexible end-to-end management of networks built on BTI’s solutions portfolio. It is a client-server solution that employs an intuitive GUI to deliver:
    • Centralized access to network and service data
    • Automated and centralized administration capabilities
    • Simple point-and-click creation and editing of services
    • Comprehensive nodal management
    • Topology views, inventory control and security management
    • Open APIs for applications and systems integration
  • The BTI proNX SLA Portal supports SLA monitoring in a highly simplified manner while still providing extensive tracking, monitoring and reporting capabilities. It enables access to SLA data in real-time or over extended durations for end-to-end service assurance. A hosted solution that speeds implementation and eases training, the BTI proNX SLA Portal delivers the flexibility that allows service providers to customize it easily to suit their needs. Accessible by providers as well as end-customers, the BTI proNX SLA Portal provides confidence that established SLAs are being achieved. It has been widely deployed and proven in provider networks globally.
  • The BTI proNX 9010 Network Designer simplifies and automates network and services planning. With this application, the most efficient network can be designed, leveraging optical and WDM transport for massive scale and Ethernet for flexibility. Based on the highly efficient design created, the tool then permits a per-site bill of materials and configuration to be created for rapid and accurate network deployment and service turn-up.

Resources to learn more about BTI proNX Management and Control Software:

“While BTI has focused its proNX on providing programmability, automation and control in metro Ethernet networks (today), the architectural approach the company has taken supports future development of more comprehensive SDN capabilities”

- David Krozier, Ovum

Rapid, Simplified Service Provisioning

The graphical service visualization delivered by BTI proNX Management and Control Software helps standardize service definition into a step-by-step, intuitive procedure that reduces the potential for error. “One-click” activation eliminates the time and effort previously required for piecemeal provisioning of elements and ports, delivering intelligent, end-to-end configuration of network resources based on standard service definition components, network awareness and automation. This streamlined process:

  • Ensures operations personnel can rapidly gain familiarity with BTI equipment and solutions
  • Expedites service provisioning and speeds time to revenue
  • Minimizes service complexity and eliminates errors in services activation for high customer satisfaction levels

Services Differentiation with SLA Management and Reporting

The BTI proNX SLA Portal is a best-of-breed solution built from an operator’s perspective that enables service monitoring and assurance in real-time, as well as the proactive optimization of resources as requirements evolve. An intuitive web-based tool that is simple to use and quick to deploy, the BTI proNX SLA Portal is part of a hosted solution that gives operators the confidence to sign contracts with strict SLA clauses. With this tool operators can:

  • Easily create a wide variety of SLA-centric reports for internal tracking and reporting
  • Immediately identify SLA-impacting events and respond before customers even become aware of an issue
  • Offer immediate access to data in cases of unfair challenge
  • Offer end-customers real-time access to key SLA information and the ability to create their own service-specific reports, thereby building trust and satisfaction

Rapid Event Identification, Management and Resolution

The association of network information with service and customer data enables rapid response to potential service-affecting issues, allowing operations staff to respond proactively and quickly resolve issues. Enhanced alarm correlation capabilities simplify and speed root cause analysis. In addition to standard alarm grouping by network element, time raised and severity, a support description group allows for rapid alarm search capabilities based on node, alarm type and service.

Consistent Service Management Eases Integration into Existing Environments

The BTI proNX Management and Control Software enables the provisioning and management of both packet-and optical layer-based services end-to-end. Using the latest graphical display technologies to ensure quick network discovery and the portrayal of services with real-time network information, the BTI proNX always displays current network events, providing information in XML format for ease of use. This solution consistency simplifies operations and minimizes the potential for errors. Additionally, open APIs streamline integration with OSS or other applications.

Network and Services Data and Functions “At Your Fingertips

The BTI proNX Management and Control Software offers a comprehensive and unified solution for: centralized access to all network and service data; easy, automated and centralized administration of the network resources; simple point-and-click provisioning and editing of services; and complete fault, configuration and performance monitoring of BTI network elements—all using a simple to learn and understand GUI.

Enhanced Customer Responsiveness

The BTI proNX Management and Control Software delivers comprehensive information bundling to facilitate the understanding of services, the customers using them and the resources delivering them. Associating customer information with services enables quick and easy understanding of a customer’s service inventory, allows rapid interpretation of network event ramifications, and provides the means for a rapid and proactive response. This adds up to better customer responsiveness and improved customer satisfaction.

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