BTI 800 Series

Innovative Solutions for Mobile Backhaul and Ethernet Business Services Delivery

BTI 810 Platform Achieves Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Certification

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"CE 2.0 certification provides an essential proof point for CE 2.0 services opening up new markets for regional providers, delivery of cloud services, the first application-oriented SLAs and optimization of mobile backhaul."

-Eric Puetz, MEF Certification Committee Co-Chair & Director

Service Access Platforms

The BTI 800 Series is a compact, multiservice, carrier-grade platform designed to deliver both Ethernet and TDM-based connectivity in support of enterprise business and wireless provider mobile backhaul service applications. Its small form factor, low power and temperature resilient architecture is ready to be installed at wireless towers or customer premises to solve space and power challenges, deliver high performance scalable services and reduce operational costs.

Designed to support both Metro Ethernet Forum Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and SONET/SDH industry standards, the BTI 800 Series delivers Ethernet Private Line, Ethernet Virtual Private Line and Ethernet LAN based connectivity for high capacity business and mobile backhaul 4G services as well as T1/E1 circuit emulation and SONET/SDH channelized OC-3/STM-1 connectivity for leased line replacement and mobile backhaul 2G/3G services.

Tightly integrated with the BTI 7000 Series and BTI proNX Management and Control Software, the BTI 800 Series serves as the TDM or Ethernet metro service access component for a complete end-to-end packet optical networking solution enabling a more affordable and seamless path to high performance Ethernet WAN or 4G mobile backhaul services.


BTI 800 Series

BTI 800 Series (Click image to enlarge)

The first product available within the BTI 800 Series is the BTI 810, a compact, flexible and versatile platform that can be configured to support both TDM and Ethernet service access applications. With a carrier grade architecture, the BTI 810 supports field replaceable power supplies, fans and modules, extended temperature range of -40 to 65°C and redundant dual feed -48VDC / 24VDC power supplies drawing less than 50W.

The BTI 800 Series is a 1 RU modular chassis with 4 built in SFP slots supporting FastE/GigE optical SFPs or 10/100/1000 RJ-45 SFP options, and two module slots for service flexibility and expansion, with 4x GigE SFP port module, 8x T1/E1 Circuit Emulation module or 1x OC-3/STM-1 channelized module options. In addition, a 10/100 out of band management port, serial console port, time of day output port, 1 pulse per second output port, bits in/out port, alarm port and optional stratum 3 port are built into the base unit.


BTI Service Access 810

BTI Service Access 810

1x OC-3/STM-1 Channelized Module
8 x T1/E1 Circuit Emulation Module

8 x T1/E1 Circuit Emulation Module

4x GigE SFP Port Module

4x GigE SFP Port Module 

1x OC-3/STM-1 Channelized Module

1x OC-3/STM-1 Channelized Module



Resources to learn more about BTI 800 Series:

Flexible, Multiservice Scalability

Architected with 4 GigE of built in port capacity with service module and SFP port flexibility, the BTI 800 Series provides Ethernet service scalability from 10Mbps to 12Gbps or 1 T1/E1 to 16 T1/E1 or an integrated flexible combination of both Ethernet and TDM services.

Low Latency and High Availability

High performance and reliability is provided for Ethernet services with G.8031 / G.8032v2 50ms ring protection, plus laddered rings and multiple instances as well as SONET/SDH based APS on OC-3/STM-1Ch ports.

Seamless, Affordable Migration Path

Modular, pay-as-you-grow support for both legacy TDM and carrier Ethernet service access provides affordable and seamless path to high capacity business Ethernet and wireless 4G services.

Compact, Low Power, High Performance 

Designed for CPE and tower deployments, the compact, low power and temperature resilient architecture, delivers high performance and reduces operational cost.

Standards-Based and Interoperable

Support for multiservice industry standards such as 1588v2 and SyncE with MEF CE 2.0 certification simplifies interworking with customer equipment for rapid time-to-service while providing clear lines of demarcation between provider and customer.

Deep Fault and Performance Management

Support for standards based Y.1731, loopback based on Layer 2 filters and 802.3ah EFM for providers to ensures continued network uptime, low latency, high performance and service level agreements are met. Tiered Ethernet services as well as wireless backhaul service level performance may also be monitored by customers thru a web- based SLA portal.

Complete End-to-End Carrier Service Delivery

Tight integration with the BTI 7000 Series platform, including BTI packetVX modules as well as Transponders and Muxponders-all managed by BTI proNX Management and Control Software-enables ease of deployment and ease of operations.

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