BTI 7000 Series

Dynamic Scaling at a Radically Low Cost-Per-Bit

Service Edge and Aggregation Packet Optical Platforms

The BTI 7000 Series is the most compact, modular and easy-to-use packet optical networking system in the industry today. Purpose-built to unify packet and optical service delivery into one platform for network-layer consolidation at the metro service edge, the BTI 7000 Series integrates MEF Carrier Ethernet compliant switching, a scalable 10G to 100G Coherent* WDM optical layer and 4 Degree ROADM Dynamic Optical Layer to simplify network deployment and operations.

With an innovative and flexible architecture that allows for the deployment of any mix of modules and the simple addition of more shelves, the BTI 7000 Series provides a true pay-as-you-grow approach and makes it easy to capitalize on new service opportunities while leveraging a single, integrated solution. Management and Control Software provides high operational value and allows exceptional service visibility.

The BTI 7000 Series offers massively scalable, carrier-grade networking and ease of deployment across Cloud Networking,  Mobile Backhaul, Ethernet Business Services, Data Center Interconnect and Metro Networking solutions. Providing tremendous densities and capacity in a compact platform, the BTI 7000 Series conserves precious rack space while facilitating service-oriented connectivity across metro service networks.

BTI 7ooo Series

* Supported on BTI 7800 Series

Chassis Models:

The BTI 7000 Series features three models to flexibly address a wide variety of network applications and service density requirements. AC and DC power options are available across the platform, as is extended temperature support:

  • The BTI 7200 provides a high-capacity solution offering 20 service slots in a seven Rack Unit (RU) form factor. It can be expanded to 60 slots in a 21-RU form factor supporting up to 800Gbps capacity
  • The BTI 7060 is a compact service delivery solution supporting six modules in a two RU form factor. It can be expanded to 24 slots in an eight-RU form factor supporting up to 400Gbps capacity
  • The BTI 7020 passive optical networking platform is available in a one-RU form factor offering two service slots, and accommodates all passive networking building blocks (all other models support both active and passive modules)

100G Support:

Fully integrated with BTI's existing 7000 series, BTI Dynamic Optical Layer and BTI proNX Management and Control Software, the BTI 7800 Series provides a seamless upgrade path from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps Coherent wavelength capacities with industry-leading scale, density and performance.

Client Service Modules:

The following modules can be deployed interchangeably within the BTI 7000 Series chassis models to best meet individual application requirements.

BTI Dynamic Optical Layer

The BTI Dynamic Optical Layer consists of ROADM-on-a-Blade (ROB) modules for flexible, point-and-click wavelength routing and a DWDM Line Amplifier (DLA) module for reach extension in extremely compact form factors. Combining ROADM, reach extension and Management and Control Software for end-to-end service management, the BTI Dynamic Optical Layer supports "any-wavelength anywhere" add/drop access, automated network equalization and per-channel performance monitoring metrics. It also supports 40 and 96 wavelength options that deliver up to 10.1Tbps system capacity. The 96 wavelength ROADM delivers 20% more capacity over typical 80 wavelength ROADM systems on a per fiber pair basis. When deploying a combined 10G and 100G wavelength network on a single fiber pair, the BTI 96 wavelength ROADM delivers full spectral efficiency with zero guard banding between adjacent 10G and 100G channels. [ learn more: BTI Dynamic Optical Layer ]

BTI packetVX

The BTI packetVX modules integrate Carrier Ethernet switching and Ethernet service aggregation with WDM. Pluggable SFP, 10G XFP and tunable XFP optics enable BTI packetVX modules to connect GbE and 10GbE over fiber and ITU-T WDM wavelengths. The MEF-certified BTI packetVX enables a full range of Ethernet services. [ learn more: BTI packetVX ]

BTI Multiprotocol Muxponders

The BTI Multiprotocol Muxponders (MXP) aggregate services and provide efficient 10G to 100G Coherent* wavelength transport for a comprehensive protocol mix, including optical and electrical GbE, Fibre Channel/FICON, SONET/SDH, and SD and HD SDI video. With small form-factor pluggable SFP, 10G XFP and tunable XFP, and migration path to 10G SFP+* and Tunable 10G SFP+*, and 100G Coherent CFP* line optics, BTI Muxponders provide interoperability with deployed SONET/SDH and OTN network systems. [ learn more: BTI Multiprotocol Muxponders ]

BTI Multiprotocol Transponders

The BTI Multiprotocol Transponders (TPR) provide high-capacity, dedicated 10G to 100G Coherent* wavelength transport for a comprehensive protocol mix, including Ethernet (100FX, GbE, 10GbE), Fibre Channel/FICON and SONET/SDH. With small form-factor pluggable SFP, 10G XFP and tunable XFP, and migration path to 10G SFP+* and tunable 10G SFP+*, and 100G Coherent CFP* line optics, BTI Transponders offer high-density reach extension of two independent client services or 1+1 protection for a single client service. [ learn more: BTI Multiprotocol Transponders ]

BTI Fixed Optical Layer

The BTI Fixed Optical Layer delivers an integrated approach for network multiplexing and reach extension that can expand the capacity of physical infrastructures, supporting capacities of up to 1,000Gbps (CWDM) and 9,600Gbps (DWDM) per fiber pair. Network multiplexing filters support ITU-compliant C/DWDM for low, moderate and high channel count applications. BTI also offers a full complement of amplifiers and dispersion compensation modules for effective reach extension across metro and regional networks. [ learn more: BTI Fixed Optical Layer ]

Resources to learn more about BTI 7000 Series:

* Supported on BTI 7800 Series

Expansion Shelf Architecture

The BTI 7200 and BTI 7060 platforms offer a true “pay-as-you-grow” expansion shelf architecture that enables capital expenditures to be granularly tuned with service growth. Additional 7200 or 7060 shelves can be deployed to provide incremental service slots, yet still be viewed and managed as a single network entity through the main shelf, greatly simplifying operations. Because any module can fit in any slot, photonic, wavelength and packet layer modules can be provisioned and deployed in a configuration that adapts easily to best fit customer needs.

Network-Layer Consolidation

Purpose-built to simplify and consolidate network layers, the BTI 7000 Series converges MEF Carrier Ethernet compliant switching, multiprotocol optical client interfaces, scalable 10G to 100G Coherent* WDM capacity and Dynamic Optical ROADM–all delivered in an extremely compact and easy-to-use platform. Implementing a converged packet-optical platform means there are fewer devices in the network, reducing CAPEX, and with fewer physical elements to manage, ongoing operations are simplified, saving OPEX .

Rapid Provisioning and Service Delivery

Management of the BTI 7000 Series with the BTI proNX Management and Control Software guarantees customer responsiveness. Provision services like they’re sold, define the port and the characteristics, identify the endpoints and the system’s intelligence takes care of the rest. There is no manual provisioning of elements, ports or modules at intermediary points.

Integrated Carrier Ethernet Switching

The BTI 7000 Series supports an integrated, fully featured Carrier Ethernet switch within the platform, delivering Layer 0/1/2 capabilities and allowing providers to capitalize on the migration to packet-based Ethernet technology as plans dictate. MEF-certified BTI packetVX modules provide high-density GbE aggregation and high capacity 10GbE as well as “in-skin” photonic layer capabilities for simplified WAN interconnect. Additionally, ITU G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching provides sub-50ms protection switching for high availability.

Multiservice and Multiprotocol Support

Providing extensive support for a wide array of protocols, including Gigabit and 10GbE, C/DWDM, SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel/FICON and standard and high-definition video in a single platform enables a fit into virtually any topology and support for a vast service set. Effectively addressing high-capacity network and service requirements on the same platform allows providers to capitalize on different service opportunities and get the most from a converged service infrastructure with no separate, service-specific overlays required.

Comprehensive and Scalable Optical Networking

The BTI 7000 Series' comprehensive optical networking capabilities meet the requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s applications. Today, network multiplexers cost-effectively multiply fiber infrastructure capacity. Reach extension modules extend DWDM service connectivity for large metro and regional networks. Network adaptation modules help address any physical infrastructure. BTI Dynamic Optical Layer solutions combine ROADM, reach extension and service management capabilities for enhanced automation of wavelength and packet-based services. Tomorrow, scale, density and performance increases while reducing footprint and power constraints, with a migration path to 10G SFP+* and 100G Coherent* optics. This vast carrier-grade feature set ensures costs are tied to revenues and subscriber requirements, with scalable network capacity that is directly correlated to demand.

* Supported on the BTI 7800 Series

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