BTI's Perspective on Open Standards and IBM's ODIN Initiative

The cloud is fundamentally transforming information technology and introducing a variety of capacity planning and network engineering challenges for content and service providers alike. As traffic grows at an exponential rate, new inter-data center cloud connectivity solutions are being designed for this highly distributed and dynamic cloud service environment - combining massive scale and capacity with network intelligence and application awareness. Extending Software Defined Networking (SDN) concepts from within the data center to traffic between data centers, access networks and peering points will be key to creating highly programmable cloud network fabrics that deliver breakthrough performance and economics.

BTI Systems is on the forefront of these game-changing and long-term trends, and is delivering an open platform approach that combines routing, optical and applications, to address the needs of inter-data center cloud connectivity. In our ongoing efforts to facilitate and fuel the use of open standards to meet the unique challenges of cloud connectivity, we are pleased to support the Open Data Center with an Interoperable Network (ODIN) initiative. Industry standards backed by leading innovators are vital to the development and adoption of next generation networks. By facilitating a multi-vendor infrastructure and a highly programmable and flexible architecture through initiatives such as SDN, ODIN is serving a critical role.

We look forward to working with industry leaders like IBM and contributing to the ODIN reference architecture for inter-data center networking.

Chandra Pandey, VP Platform Solutions

For more information on this initiative, please visit IBM's website.

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